USCF Chess Tournament 3-SS. Game/60 min; 5-sec. delay

Entry Fee: $30. Reg. at site only 10-10:15 am

One section. Accelerated Pairings round one

Players in carpool never paired w/each other (except finals).

Cash Prizes: 1st-$160, 2nd-$80 b/12.

Rounds: 10:30, Rds 2 & 3 asap. Regular & Quick Rating

Free Snacks and Ice-Cold Beverages All Day, No Adv Entry, No Byes.

Telephone: (860) 742-5562 (no text)

3111 South Street, Coventry Connecticut USA

Directions - Procedures - Subscribe

Skittles Room - Do I bring my set ?

Details about this event on the US Chess website

This webpage HERE is updated if we cancel.

FB Page: Connecticut Chess Magazine

FB Public Group: Rob Roy Chess Center

Feb 24 Eastern Connecticut Open

Mar 17 Greater Hartford Open

Apr 21 Nathan Hale Open

We welcome you to our chess center. Listed below are our policies and procedures.

Please pay your entry fee and USCF ID # to Rob. Stay to witness Rob verify your USCF Expiration Date and Current Rating on the computer. Rob completes a "pairing card" ensuring you a spot in the tournament.

Let me know of carpools. We avoid pairing players who came in a carpool. We assume you came here to play people other than those you play frequently. This is main reason we do not use a computer to determine pairings.

Please find your opponent and set up your game in USCF Room. Do not start your game until all games are ready to be quiet and start playing. Once your USCF game is finished, report result on the pairing chart and leave USCF room.

Do not disturb remaining games. Spectators must be silent. Important. Rob can ban any spectator(s) from USCF Room.

If a child misbehaves the parent must rectify the situation. Kids are kids, we are tolerant only up to a certain point. Remember today is an adult chess tournament in which children are allowed to play.

Our skittles room has an Internet Cafe and a lounge for parents. We have three PC's, and two ROKU players, each connected to the Internet. We have a giant screen broadcasting LiChess-TV.

The three PC's have Windows 10. So we have a total of six screens, three have headsets for private listening. We have dozens of ROKU channels including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

One PC is loaded with HIARCS Chess Explorer. This PC has the i7 chip and is very fast and powerful. Rob can answer questions.

The skittles room also has a free library of chess books and magazines. The pool table is open for use except for when USCF games are in progress.