Who We Are

We are a Geneva Community High School-sanctioned robotics team that competes annually in the FIRST Robotics Competition. We have between 20-30 students and a few adult mentors.

Our team goal is to compete fairly and perform as best as possible while giving the students hands-on exposure to engineering, business, and design principles.


Team 3067 (The Robovikes) was founded in 2009 when Joe Kane from The Label Printers approached Geneva Community High School about forming a team to compete in the annual FIRST Robotics competition. The Label Printers were looking for a high school organization club to sponsor at the time, and decided to partner with Geneva High School. The school was open to the idea, and Principal Rogers proceeded to search for a teacher to sponsor it. World History and Psychology teacher Mrs. Mary Keyzer stepped up to run the club with her husband, Mr. Kevin Keyzer, a ceramics engineer. Together, they mentored the students of team 3067 to grow into a strong competitor in the Midwest Region. After the 2016 season, PLTW teacher Mrs. Jennifer Arnett stepped up to fill the role of team mentor. This year, 3067's primary mentor is Mr. Eric Simoncelli, and we look forward to an enriching and educational season!

The Robovikes compete at the FRC Midwest Regional as their home competition. This event is hosted at the University of Illinois Chicago, the last weekend of March. Other, away competitions Team 3067 has attended were the Wisconsin Regional in 2013, the Buckeye Regional in 2015, Central Illinois Regional in 2015, and the Iowa Regional in 2016. With the original founders of the club leaving and a new school sponsor, the Robovikes have decided to just focus on the home competition this year.

What We Do


The Robovikes compete in the international FIRST Robotics Competition.

In the competition, teams of 15 or more students are challenged to raise funds, hone teamwork skills, design, build, and program an industrial-size robot to compete in a field game. They learn to manage design constraints, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit. Each year's game is different, and possesses multiple different objectives that can be completed to earn points for teams. Objectives in past years have included shooting exercise balls into goals on in ground or air, climbing ropes and bars, and maneuvering around over varying obstacles. Despite the differing game, the robots are always 100-120lbs, and robotics teams must always work closely with other teams to win matches.(Each match includes 6 teams which compete 3 vs 3) It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team.

For more information about the competition, visit the FRC website.

To see our team's progress click here.


Prior Years

2017 Steamworks

2016 Stronghold

2015 Recycle Rush

2014 Aerial Assist

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble