Smart Home Devices compatible with Alexa

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Ready to take your home in 21st century with smart devices?

Want to make each smart gadget productive enough to help you in all possible ways?

Also, do you wish to work seamlessly with all smart devices at your home?

If that's a YES, answer to all your above queries lies with the SMART ASSISTANT.

With ample of them in market, Robojap Technologies is referring to ALEXA (one of the most common devices by Amazon).

Why ALEXA only?

Known for its popularity and feature, Robojap smart home services found that Alexa has got all you need to access any smart devices. It hears you carefully and tries providing the most relevant information. Likewise, it helps smart appliances understand your language and perform the functions, accordingly.

Now, to know-which brand and smart devices can help you build a Smart home at cheap rate, check out the Robojap list.

Prepared only for YOU!

Dimmable LED Smart Bulbs

Nowadays, people have moved from shopping incandescent to LED bulbs as they are money saver and energy-efficient models. However, Robojap pleads you to take them one step ahead with smart LED bulbs like Philips Hue 60 W equivalent dimmable LED lights.

To find how smoothly Alexa can work with these devices, Robojap setup smart hub and integrated Alexa with the Philips Smart LED bulbs (mentioned above). And, as many other devices like Echo Dot- these LED bulbs light up with single voice command only.

Adding on to your surprise, Robojap Technologies confirmed that these Philips Hue LED lights emit only the amount of light-you asks them to!! So, in other words- they also save you from hefty electricity bills.

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug- Robojap reviews

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

In case, you do not want to install Smart fans or LED bulbs, Smart wifi plugs are the best alternative. Robojap purchased the one from KASA brand and found them easy to install with Alexa.

Reviewed as best for any smart home devices; Robojap Technologies recommend them for all buyers looking for cheaper rate products. These smart wifi plugs let you control the device with verbal commands. That implies you don’t have to go near the plugs for ON and OFF function.

So, next time- if you do not want to enter a dark room, try one of these Robojap recommendations.

Nest Learning Thermostat- Robojap smart home services

Nest Learning Thermostat

Want an optimum warm or cool temperature of your house or room? Then, go for the NEST thermostat! Robojap LLC integrated the device with Alexa software and tested the device in all possible ways!

For instance, Robojap smart services set the device to operate for a specific time at a specific temperature.

And, guess what! The Thermostat lived up to the Robojap expectations. Easy to install with Alexa, the device is energy saver and can be easily controlled with other smart home devices.

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub -Robojap LLC

Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub

No doubt, Alexa can control all devices like Smart LEDs, doorbell, thermostat, and door lock but sometimes, you need a better pick for home automation.

As Alexa might not work easily with all features of a smart gadget so, Robojap reviews Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Hub is the excellent option for your smart device.