Training & Support

Lego Mindstorms (NXT)

For those of you using the LEGO Mindstorms software there are useful documents that you can download, as well as links to other resources.

A web resource created for the NZ school curriculum:

A programming resource written for NZ school children:

Download "Introduction to Programming using NXT Robot".

A link to DrGraeme's web site offering tutorial ideas:

A link to Damien Kee's web site listing teaching resources: From there you can sign up to a useful google group called legoengineering which is mostly used by teachers to help each other with ideas and problems.

A link to the 65 NXT projects site, offering many ideas for building

A guide to line following using two light sensors for rescue:

Download "Rescue Programming".

A link to DrGraeme's 2 light sensor line-follower tutorial

When it is time to move on from the Common Palette to the Complete Palette

Download "Using Data Hubs".


A guide to the techniques of coding. May be useful as a reference for those trying to understand what their NXC or RobotC code is actually doing.

Download "The Basics of Coding".

Code examples specific to particular sensors:

Download NXC starter code for HiTechnic colour sensor.

Download NXC starter code for lego colour sensor.

Download NXC starter code for original lego light (not colour) sensor.

Download NXC relative bearing starter code for HiTechnic compass sensor.