The RoboCupJunior Theatre is a stunning integration of Science, Technology and the Arts. Participants program their robots to move with a soundtrack.

RoboCupJunior Theatre can be approached in a number of ways with creative new ideas appearing every year. Some previous ideas have been robots and students dancing together in a tightly choreographed display, students creating their own music to dance to and students telling a story while the robots act it out to the soundtrack.

The Theatre Challenge is a real team effort where students are can design and create their costumes and props, on top of building and programming the robot.

The 10 minute team interview is an important part of the judging process. The team should keep a diary or log book right from the design stage of their entry.

The performance should be between 60 and 120 seconds. It should entertain the audience. The stage for the performance is made of plain mdf, marked out in tape as per the rules. The useful area is 1.8 by 1.8 metres.

Junior Theatre: Years 1-6

Senior Theatre: Years 7-13

There is a Premier division for teams working at a higher level, or where any member has been previously placed in the Senior Theatre division.