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Robinhood Login | Commission-free Stock Trading & Investing App

Robinhood was founded in 2013 by Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. It is one of the biggest and most popular brokerages in the U.S. to invest funds. The headquarters of this platform was located in Menlo Park. It offers a user-friendly interface that helps beginners start trading without paying any commission. But before this, they need to create their account through the mobile app of Robinhood Login.

Follow These Steps to Open An Account on Robinhood Login

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

  • Open the official website of Robinhood Login on your browser.

  • Find and click the “Signup” button.

  • After that, the signup form will be open on your screen.

  • Enter your “Login Information” like your name, email address, username, and password in this form.

  • Make sure that your account password contains at least eight characters and the email address you should use and check daily.

  • At the bottom of the page, Robinhood Login asks users whether or not they have a mobile device because all the trading is done on a mobile device.

Step 2: Enter Your Contact Information

  • Once you submit your login credentials, the next section will ask you to enter your other “Personal Details,” like your home mailing address and phone number.

  • You will also see answers to questions about the application on the right-hand side, like why Robinhood needs a user’s address.

  • After entering all the details, click the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Verify Your Identity

  • In this section, you will see a whole explanation of why Robinhood Login asks for your security number.

  • Read all the information and click the “Continue” button to move forward with the next step.

  • After that, Enter your date of birth, social security number and citizenship status, etc., to verify your identity on the next page.

  • Click the “Continue” button.

Step 4: Fund Your Robinhood Login Account

  • On this page, the company says that there are no fees for putting or taking money into Robinhood Login accounts.

  • Select your “Bank Account” to fund the account in the next step.

  • If you don’t see your bank on the whole list, click the “What If I Don’t See My Bank On This List” link, which appears on the right side of the page.

  • Select the “Click Here” link to go to the next step and fund the account through the Robinhood Login app.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

  • After doing all the above steps, you have to review all the entered information.

  • Once you check all the details, click the “Submit Application” button.

Step 6: Download The Robinhood App

  • After submitting the application, you have to download the Robinhood app on your mobile device.

  • Click the link to save a copy of your application. When your application is certified, you will get a message via Email.

  • On this page, you will also see another link to directly download the android or ios versions of the Robinhood Login app.

Step 7: Log In to The App

  • After downloading the app, you are able to login into your account.

  • On the Robinhood Login page, enter your email address and password.

  • Click the “Sign-In” button.

  • Once you log in, your account has been approved.

  • Now, you have to fund the account. Click the “Add Funds” button and enter your “Bank Account Information” to start the investing or funding process with Robinhood Login.

Follow These Steps to Purchase Index Funds on The Robinhood Login Account

Step 1: Open An Account on Robinhood

  • You have to create your account through the Robinhood mobile app to start funding.

  • Just click the “Sign Up” button and enter your “Personal Information” and “Contact Information.”

  • After that, verify your identity and submit your application.

Step 2: Link Your Bank Account

  • You have to link your bank account to your Robinhood Login account in the application process.

  • After linking your bank account, you will see a couple of small deposits to prove your bank account ownership.

  • After that, you have to verify the received deposits by clicking on the “Account Icon” and start funding into your Robinhood Login account.

Step 3: Select The Index Fund

  • Open the Robinhood mobile app on your mobile.

  • Go to the search bar, type “Index Funds,” and hit the “Enter” button.

  • Now, the list of index funds will be open on your screen.

  • Select the “Funds” that you want to buy.

  • After clicking on your desired fund, you will see the whole details of the index funds. This includes an overview, portfolio, statistics, volatility, etc.

  • The second method is also available to browse index funds; click the “Profile Page,” and the list will appear on the screen.

Step 4: Select How Many Shares You Want to Purchase

  • At the bottom of the screen, click the “Buy” button.

  • After that, you will see the estimated cost and the number of shares that you want to purchase.

Step 5: Buy the Index Fund with Money in Your Robinhood Login Account

  • Once you select the shares, click the “Review” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • If you have plentiful funds in your account, your order will execute, and if you don’t have funds, the order won’t be executed because the Robinhood Login account does not pull money from your checking account


Robinhood is one of the greatest first brokerage platforms to invest funds and eliminate commission on trading. It also allows cryptocurrency and fractional share trading with zero commission. In the above sections, you will see a step-by-step guide to creating an account and also see the process to start funding on Robinhood Login.