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Robinhood Crypto Wallet: Setup Your Access Now

The most popular crypto trading platform- Robinhood has launched the crypto wallet service for its users recently. Robinhood crypto wallet is unique and it is going to make your trading easier. Users of Robinhood can activate the crypto wallet only by enabling the two-factor authentication feature and verifying the identity. The wallet from Robinhood will help you to deposit and withdraw coins that are supported on this platform. But in case you are new at Robinhood then you need to go through the account sign-up process. The account that you will create on Robinhood will help you to access the wallet services as well. This wallet does not provide any type of private key. However, you can create your private key using a non-custodial software or hardware wallet.

Today this read is based on the complete setup process of the Robinhood wallet. So, if you are also looking for a way to get started with the Robinhood wallet then this read is going to be only for you. All you need to do is, keep reading till the end carefully and apply the instructions correctly to set up Robinhood crypto wallet on your Android or iOS device. So, with no more delay, let’s move ahead!

Robinhood Crypto Fees

You might be surprised by knowing that the Robinhood wallet does not charge any type of commission fees to let you deposit and withdraw crypto tokens. You can trade easily at 0% commission fees using your Robinhood wallet account. By using the USD or any other local currency, you can buy crypto tokens and store the tokens in your wallet without providing any type of fees. However, you might be charged gas fees sometime to trade cryptos.

Robinhood Crypto Wallet Sign Up

Create a new Robinhood crypto wallet by providing some of your basic details. In case you are not familiar with the Robinhood crypto wallet sign up process then you need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Use the Robinhood mobile app or a browser on your device

  2. Now, you need to get to the homepage and click the ‘Sign up’ tab

  3. Provide the first and last name in the required fields

  4. Then, type a valid email address in the respective field

  5. Now, choose a password that consists of at least 10 characters

  6. To proceed, get to the ‘Continue’ button and click on it

  7. Now, you will be asked to validate your email address

  8. Visit your email account and find the verification link

  9. Click on the link to confirm that this email address belongs to you

  10. Finally, you have completed the Robinhood crypto wallet sign up process

Robinhood Wallet Login

Once you create a wallet account at the website, you will be able to access your wallet by logging in it. The steps for the Robinhood wallet login process are given below. You can use your email address as the username of your Robinhood account.

  1. Open the Robinhood mobile app on your Android/iOS device

  2. Or use a web browser and visit the Robinhood login page

  3. Now, type the username and password details in the respective fields

  4. Then, check these details and click on the ‘Sign in’ button

After going through the above steps, you will be able to complete the Robinhood wallet login process. To activate your wallet, enable the two-factor authentication feature by approaching the right path. When asked, do not forget to verify your identity by filling up the Robinhood identity verification form.

Robinhood Bitcoin Wallet

If you have created a Robinhood wallet then you can use it as your Bitcoin wallet as well. Robinhood supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV to trade using it. You can also use the Robinhood Bitcoin wallet by logging in to your wallet account. Once you access the wallet, you will be allowed to deposit and store Bitcoin using it.

Robinhood Crypto Wallet Address

Like other crypto wallets, Robinhood also asks you to provide the wallet address whenever you want to deposit crypto-token in other wallets. You can generate and copy the wallet address quickly in case you are logged in to your wallet account. The wallet address is long series of letters and numbers and you are suggested to provide the correct wallet address. Otherwise, you may lose your crypto funds. The wallet is uniquely generated each time you make a transfer using the Robinhood crypto wallet.

Robinhood Crypto Wallet List

Robinhood supports different crypto coins. You can use Robinhood crypto wallet to trade the supported crypto tokens. Robinhood supports a few crypto tokens that are as follows:

  • Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • Bitcoin SV

  • Dogecoin

  • Ethereum

  • Ethereum Classic

  • Litecoin

Robinhood Crypto Wallet Cost

Robinhood crypto wallet is completely free to use and trade crypto tokens. You can access this wallet only by creating a new wallet account for free. Users of this wallet can transfer crypto tokens at only 0% commission fees.

Robinhood Crypto Wallet Password Reset

People who have lost the password details can easily fix this issue by resetting the password for their Robinhood crypto wallet. The steps to reset the Robinhood crypto wallet password are given below:

  1. Launch the Robinhood mobile app

  2. Or visit the Robinhood wallet login page

  3. Now, find the ‘Forgot Password’ button and click on it

  4. Then, enter the email address that you have registered

  5. Verify this email by providing the verification code

  6. After confirming the email, you need to choose a new password

  7. Enter a password that consists of at least 10 digits

  8. Now, save the password to finish the process

Robinhood Wallet Not Working

In case you are facing the Robinhood crypto wallet not working issue then you need to approach the tips that are given below:

  • Ensure the connection on your mobile or computer that you are using to access the Robinhood crypto wallet.

  • Use the updated Robinhood mobile app or browser to trade with the Robinhood wallet.

  • If the wallet app is not working, clear cache files and restart the device.

  • To fix the incorrect password error, reset a new password for your wallet.


Is Robinhood a crypto wallet?

Yes, Robinhood is a crypto wallet that lets you deposit and withdraw different crypto tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. You can also activate your crypto wallet by enabling two-factor authentication and verifying the identity on Robinhood.

Can you transfer crypto from Robinhood?

By using the wallet address, you can transfer supported crypto tokens from the Robinhood crypto wallet. But before that, you may be asked to sign up for a new account in case you have not done so yet.

How to buy and sell crypto on Robinhood?

To start buying and selling on Robinhood, you need to sign up for a new crypto wallet account. Once you create your wallet, you will be able to buy and sell crypto tokens by logging in to your Robinhood wallet account. When asked, turn on two-factor authentication by confirming your email address and mobile number. You may be asked to verify your identity to activate the Robinhood crypto wallet.

How to find a Robinhood crypto wallet?

Robinhood crypto wallet can be used via its mobile app and web. If you are already a Robinhood user then you may need to activate the wallet. To activate the wallet, you need to turn on two-factor authentication and verify the identity.

How long after selling crypto on Robinhood can you withdraw?

Using a Robinhood crypto wallet, you can sell crypto tokens that you have purchased. Once you sell a crypto fund, you will be able to withdraw cash after settling it. This process takes a trade date plus two working days to be completed. In short, you can withdraw cash within two days after selling on Robinhood.