For the people, by the people- Our government can only be as successful as those willing to be servant leaders. Too long have those with their own agendas been allowed to represent our citizens.

Education- To provide a better future we must invest in it. Our future will be provided by our children and we must invest in their education to make the right decisions tomorrow.

Responsibility- We cannot invest properly without first taking responsibility for our needs. If we cannot provide a safe, affordable, livable town, we are not being responsible to our citizens.

What does this mean for Avon?

Our town is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. That is why so many families are moving here. This is great news for our wonderful town. Not only does it provide homeowners with increased property values, but it presents a model to communities around the country on how a small town can be beautiful, safe, affordable, and provide a great education for its children.

I believe we are not properly investing our resources into growing our town with reason. We have roads that are jam packed with potholes, with cars during rush hours, and with big box stores who have no skin in the game for Avon. We can do better!

Our school system has attracted families from around the nation. This has directly impacted homeowners' property values as well as the quality of life in and around Avon. We are in danger of losing the quality of education our school system has been able to provide. We must encourage a stronger school system, one that continues to drive families to our great town.

We have a responsibility to our neighbors, our families, our townspeople. We must make sure they have access to the tools necessary to build local small businesses, improve our quality of life, and invest properly towards our future. When our voices are not heard and we do not invest in our future responsibly we stand a great chance of losing the qualities that make our town great. I want nothing more than to serve you as someone who listens to your voice and strives to move us towards a better and stronger future. We can do better!