advisory, product management

and consulting services


I have over 20 years of experience in the development of award-winning, industry-leading, hardware and software products for B2B and B2C markets at fortune 500 companies and successful start-ups. My product management career includes both new product launches and turnarounds of existing product lines, as well as the creation of the product management function within organizations. I have significant expertise in customer understanding, new product innovation, agile product management, user experience design and product management processes and have served in advisory and consulting roles with several start-ups including DraftKings, MDX Life Sciences Inc., BioXyTran Inc., NDPD Pharma Inc., Elbee and Prognosis UK Ltd.

I believe that great opportunity exists at the intersection of business problems and the application of technology. My passion is taking new technology and working with customers and partners to solve business problems that result in new revenue and products. I typically engage with startups in the early seed to late funding stage on product ideation, validation, and development, business model synthesis, and go-to-market strategies to accelerate time to market and revenue, but I have also done extensive work with established companies.

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