About Me

Robert Olton EC (Electronic Coach)

After much encouragement from my previous customers and friends I started a consultant/ coaching service more so related to electronics.

I have previously worked for the major telecom companies for 15 years and I am very thankful for the opportunity to acquire knowledge of telecommunications and electronics and the most important skill of understanding the customers’ issues and presenting potential solutions for those customers.

I am very confident in my abilities to solve your problems. If I am not able to solve your, there is no cost to you. Simply put my pricing model is "No Results, No Payment."

I will arrange an in home visit to work directly to solve your issues if needed, if its possible to solve your issues via email or phone that option is also available. If you are interested please click the contact us so we may get started ASAP.

My Background

Served The Villages for 6yrs with telecommunication and electronics solutions. Worked for Centurylink, Bright House, Time Warner & Dish Networks for 15 years combined which allowed me to experience customers at all levels of understanding and develop my skills and abilities.

This was such a great opportunity for me to learn from those customers and develop in many ways to help my clients' at all levels. Working within The Villages, it give me great satisfaction to see those individuals that once had a problem resolved.