This book presents innovative ways to organize the imagination by exploring those recurring patterns that shape our inner and outer worlds.


  • "This is the first chapter of a planned multi chapter opus on aspects of wisdom. It is surprisingly intimate with lighthearted jests to avoid being too thick." - William13
  • "An excellent beginning to the upcoming book; most interested in the remainder." - Donna M.
  • "What a refreshing perspective! Compared to most philosophical ponderings and self-help books, this is a breath of fresh air. Many of the ideas, concepts, and interpretations in this chapter were new to me - which is rather unique for someone who has studied everything from Plato to Skinner. I adore the characterizations given to the Shapes (2D Onion, Norm, and Donna Matrix), and can't wait to hear more from them. The best part of this chapter was it's humble, light-hearted flow. It's rare to find thinkers that don't take everything super seriously. Robert writes in an approachable manner than is firmly grounded in reality, ethos, and humor. He is transparent and vulnerable in his approach to studying wisdom, and I find that exciting and enjoyable as a reader. Can't wait for more!" - Shawn S.

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