About me

A creative theorist, my ideas have influenced academics across the world—and even impacted national defense. My expertise rests in part on credentials—my diverse ten years of college credits where most professors have a focused six to eight—in part on zeal—I have studied academic wisdom and spirituality independently for twelve years—and in part on my outsider status—free from affiliation and specialization. Formally, I have traveled through all three divisions of modern academia: math and science at Harvard, social science at Purdue, and humanities at Reed. Outside the classroom, I have mastered Tae Kwon Do, violin, physical fitness, finance, and Russian. In early 2014, I began hosting monthly wisdom workshops for fellow disaffected generalists.

Overly ethical part-time mystic, I manipulate ideas. My body likes to move and run. My spirit loves music and an independent sense of style. Group dynamics and Russian pop songs float my boat. I live my life outside the dodecahedron.