Robert Boogaard

Catalyst for Social Good

Industrieweg 14K, 1231 KH Loosdrecht, Netherlands  (Google Maps)


My mission is to contribute to a better world, by inspiring and enabling people with resources (wealth, influence, talent, time) to create significantly more impact

Currently, I pursue this mission via the following initiatives:

Managing director

PCG Investments is a single family office. We strive to strategically apply 100% of our assets and 100% of our profits with the goal of maximizing our net positive impact and contributing to tackling the world’s most pressing problems. (more >>)


Jazi Foundation is dedicated to maximizing the impact of philanthropy and investing. We do this by funding and supporting initiatives that strive to make philanthropy and investing as impactful as possible. (more >>)

Catalyst (and funder via Jazi Foundation)

The Enough Project invites high net worth wealth owners to engage in a brave conversation about wealth, impact and fulfilment. (more >>)

Catalyst (and funder via Jazi Foundation)

Effective Giving’s mission is to help major philanthropists, at no cost, to find and fund the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. (more >>)

Catalyst (and funder via Jazi Foundation)

The Total Portfolio Project explores how impact-driven investors can maximize the impact across their total portfolios, using both (impact) investing and philanthropy. (more>>)

I'm also on the advisory boards of Generation Pledge, Doneer Effectief and the Toniic T100 Project. And a speaker, amongst others in the Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth programs, including UHNW Next Gen and Accelerate (entrepreneurs) programs.

Impact Learnings

I'm on a journey to learn how I can 'do good better', to maximize my impact. In the 20 slides below (open full screen here) I have summarized the key things I've learned about impact (so far, over the past ten years) :

Impact learnings

Impact Resources

Below are some resources (work in progress) which I have found helpful to develop my thinking about impact, both of investing and philanthropy: