There are plenty of opportunities to help revitalize your community. If you're interested in volunteering in any capacity, please contact us so that your unique talents or contributions make the biggest impact. Here are just a few areas:


  • Come out for a planting activity
  • Donate a portion of your overcrowded hostas/daylilies


  • Put out flyers on your block
  • Submit content for the newsletter

Neighborhood Stabilization

  • Become a block captain
  • Lead a walking group


  • Businesses--product or service for auction.
  • Donate a ceritficate.

Elderly / Youth

  • Get to know your neighbors through assisting, fellowship, fun and mentoring.
  • Need service hours? We've got you covered. No car/bus needed. Assist in your very own community.

Have we missed something? Let us know! Email: or Call: 314-309-7292

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