This four-part series is an ongoing conversation between men and women of the police department and the community. No uniforms. No walls. Just real people and real talk on Get a spot now!


In 2014 the St. Louis region became the epicenter of tensions between police forces and communities of color with the killing of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson. Suddenly a national news topic people were willing to discuss issues and uncover ways to create change in their community.

Engagement Model

In our effort to incorporate recommendations from the Forward through Ferguson, A Path toward Racial Equity Report, SLACO began a series named Revealing Our Humanity Police and Community Engagement Model. This series is in response to the calls for restoring civilian law enforcement relations through community policing and positive police-community interactions.

conversation sessions

Revealing Our Humanity sessions foster relationships with those who we may have been “pre-conditioned” to withdraw from one another due to their respective experiences. They are a series of gradually intensifying discussions and activities that explore police and civilian perspectives--peeling the mental and emotional onion, while laying a foundation of optimism that is reinforced with each subsequent session.

Short Term Goals

  • Reveal our shared humanity
  • Inspire transparency
  • Disclose vulnerabilities
  • Cultivate empathy
  • Extend an olive branch

Long Term Objectives

  • Decrease volatile interactions
  • Reduce fear and apprehension
  • Cultivate a sustainable model to Police from the Heart versus Head
  • Internal policing culture shift from Warrior to Guardian
  • Promote familiarity and an ongoing dialog.