report baden POTHOLes

The freeze/thaw cycle is finally over! It's time to report the resulting potholes that we find in our streets:

Did you know? Reported potholes on major streets are filled within 2 days, weather permitting.

fight weeds proactively!

Stop local weeds before they become a costly problem on your property.

Did you know? Weeds are designed to be picked up by the wind and carried to a neighboring field. Once there, they will germinate and grow in their new home.

we Voted That we all taKe ACTION.

On March 11, at the Baden community meeting, residents requested a simple way of reporting illegal dumping. Call CSB at 314-622-4800

Did you know? If you witness illegal dumping in process, you can call the police non emergency number at (314) 231-1212 so the SLMPD'S Trash Task Force can begin an investigation.

Civic engagement turns a mere neighborhood into a community.

Your voice is the start of the communication pipeline to City Hall to make change and rebuild. Help to build consensus on Baden's next initiatives and goals. Join ROBA.

In need of a project, service hours, an outlet for your passion, or a charitable deduction? ROBA can help!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with opportunities for seniors, students, artists, leaders, writers, businesses and philanthropists. We provide excellent letters of reference. Share your idea!

What's in store this year?

  • Summer Speaker series
  • Safety Workshop
  • Sister Hoods tours

Find out who, where, and when on our calendar!

Help us get to know our Baden neighbors!

Information is key when seeking to positively impact our neighborhood. Take an anonymous survey to help build knowledge about our community, its members, and its needs here!

committees NOw forming!

If you have a passion for a particular aspect of Baden's revival, become more than a bystander. Help determine of the direction of a new Baden. Join a committee

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's ...

A Community Meeting flyer!!!

We need help getting the word out to your neighbors about Baden community meetings. If you are available for 30-minutes during the first week of the month, let us know!

envisionING a better baden?

You are not alone. ROBA is reviewing ideas for Summer and Fall that support our 2019 initiatives, as well as prioritizing for 2020. Let's brainstorm together!