Develop a strong presence within Baden.

Differentiation. Help residents understand how ROBA's mission is unique and vital to a better Baden.

Understanding. As residents and insiders, leverage unparalleled clarity on Baden's strengths and limitations to build effective processes.

Leadership. Demonstrate our values and competence, build trust and credibility, and share the mission and vision.

Accomplish Goals. Be action and service-oriented and inspire others to act and serve in the interest of their family and community.

Enlarge Influence. Build on authenticity and credibility with collaborative relationships at all city government levels.

Community safety

Increase Awareness. Inform residents of the under-utilized resources and programs provided to improve safety and show how tiny efforts go a long way.

Channel. Assist in gathering information from concerned residents and funneling them direct to City Hall through every possible channel.

Expand and grow the community association

Boots on the Ground. We need you and we intend to tell you so through a block-by-block campaign.

Communication Partners. Key partners will help us spread the word that we are organizing our blocks and our businesses.

Social Campaign. We are using information technology to strengthen our online and social media presence.

Acquire funding resources

Transparency. We believe communicating up-front how funding will be used will increase our donors' faith in our programs and maximize financial support.

Creativity. We will employ creative campaigns to inspire membership, sponsorship and private donations from around the city.