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A quick note to my readers:

As I write this in late 2021, I still believe the future of travel is strong. It's just going to look a little different.

Once travel fully recovers from the pandemic, I believe it will have different priorities than before.

During these past two years, we slowed down for a hot second and realized that global warming is not some vague, future drama but it's actually here and now.

Our coastlines are changing. Our weather is changing. Things we once thought too big to be disturbed by our activity -- like the gigantic shelves of arctic ice -- are showing us otherwise.

My home state of Ohio is experiencing weather changes, too, which will alter everything from a weekend vacation at Lake Erie to a cabin getaway in Hocking Hills to what our local agricultural fields are able to produce for our dinner plates.

Travel will still exist as I think it always will. But it will be slower, more thoughtful, and travelers will be far more conscious of their impact on our planet.

Having said that...

I very much love travel (!) and will continue to write about it and capture drone footage and take photos as I have done before.

But I will do all of that with a more conscious eye toward global warming and with a commitment to incorporate solutions which -- with time and effort from all of us explorers -- will allow us to complete our travel journey with a better planet than when we began.

Wishing you captivating travel adventures, amazing memories, and a lifetime love affair with our crazy gorgeous world. -- Alicia