Riverwood Middle School Band

Incoming 5th Graders

CLICK HERE to see what your instrument placement is for next school year! We did our absolute best to keep everyone on their first two choices, and if you have any questions please email one of the directors and let us know.  We will be having an instrument drive on Tuesday, April 23rd in the Riverwood Cafeteria so that you can get your supplies and instruments ordered.  All parents should have received a copy of the recommended instrument list, but if you did not, CLICK HERE to see it.  We work with all of the music stores that are listed at the bottom, and you may contact them on your own to get your supplies ordered.  

If you do not see your name, or if you did not try out the different instruments yet, please email Mr. Burleson or Mr. Maxey right away.

Thank you all for coming out to the try out nights, and we can't wait to see you in band next year!

Private Lessons

CLICK HERE for our list of private lesson teachers.  It is recommended that all students take private lessons.  This is the best way for students to enhance their musical knowledge and performance level.  The most successful students in band almost always take private lessons.  Most private lessons are taught at KHS, but some lesson instructors still teach over zoom or in rare instances at their house.  Above is our list of lesson teachers (by instrument) and their contact information.  Paying for private lessons is the respnsibility of the student and their parents.  There is a scholarship avaliable for lessons from the band boosters, and you can contact the band directors for more information on that.