Moving Forward

Our future plans and dreams


Foster Parent’s Night Out provides 4 hours of respite care once a month. All the children living in the home are welcome to attend an evening of fun with trained and caring staff while parents get a much needed break. This program is in partnership with Every Child Oregon.

Sports Scholarships

Providing the funds so children from all different backgrounds and socio-economic status can play community sports.

Foster Parent Retention

A system to stay connected so RCO can support families during their foster care journey as children transition in and out of their homes.

Mentoring Program for Parents

Kind and compassionate adults who are seasoned parents walking alongside birth parents who have been reunited with their children from foster care to provide guidance and support.

Kids PUB

A hangout spot where kids can feel safe to enjoy a rootbeer float after school and on the weekends.

Foster Sibling Training & Support

Fostering is a family commitment. RCO would like to provide training and continued support for kids who will be welcoming foster siblings.