Our Executive Board


Laura Boling,

President president@myrcta.org

Teresa Clark,

Vice President vicepresident@myrcta.org

Jay VanMeter,

Treasurer jayvanmetertreasurer@myrcta.org

Dave Watring,

Secretary secretary@myrcta.org

High School Directors

Steve Sterns,

High School Director hsdirector1@myrcta.org

Rod Warren,

High School Director hsdirector2@myrcta.org

Middle School Directors

Shawnȧ Crawford,

Middle School Director msdirector1@myrcta.org

Katie Runyan,

Middle School Director msdirector2@myrcta.org

Elementary School Directors*

*Please use the chart below to identify which Elementary School Director you should contact.

Debbie Caudill,

Elementary Director esdirector1@myrcta.org

Jill Hennessy,

Elementary Director esdirector2@myrcta.org

Dina Calderon,

Elementary Director esdirector3@myrcta.org

Special Education Director

At Large Directors

Kenneth Allman,

At Large Director atlarge@myrcta.org

Pia VanMeter,

Ethnic Minority Director ethnicminoritydirector@myrcta.org

Office Manager: