JUNE 4th - 8th ↟ June 11th - 15th ↟ June 18th - 22nd

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Rivers & Roads Summer Camp is the perfect place for anyone seeking exploration, ease, freedom, and choice integrated into their summer. We are located in a house that backs up to the beautiful Bluff Creek Park, and have access to 100 acres of forest for hiking and free play. Allow your child to come unschool, decompress from their scheduled school year, and re-wild. There is plenty of time for community building, inspiration, and nature appreciation. Similar to the flow of our school year, we meet each Monday to "Set the Week". This is where children and staff members schedule offerings for classes/activities/ games/ crafts/ experiences. Our camp is multi-age and all ages (Ages 4 & up).

Every day looks different for each camper, but here are some examples of what your camper might be exposed to:

  • building/tinkering
  • art
  • nature crafts
  • gardening
  • music
  • cooking
  • free play
  • forest exploration
  • yoga
  • water play
  • games
  • hiking
  • fort building
  • journaling

One Time Registration Fee - $25 individual / $50 family

Full Week - $195 a week

Personalized Schedule - $45 a day