Men's ministry intentionally draws men to God and to each other by focusing on 5 key areas that every man is seeking:

  • Friendship
  • Purpose
  • Purity
  • Rest
  • Identity

River Run Men

Our next gathering for the Men’s Ministry will be Friday November 8 @ 7:00 in the Dome. As discussed at our last meeting, we will have some ideas for sharing our time together and becoming closer, as we walk this journey of “Righteous Manhood”.

If you have not shared your ideas for getting involved with other men here at River Run, be sure and reach out to Nathan or Jim.

Our topic for sharing this meeting will be FRIENDSHIP – Ways for Men to Make Friends (they won’t admit they need)

Men today struggle with maintaining male friendships! This claim surely can’t be argued. We all know it. I personally have had a sporadic friendship track-record over the years, especially in my early Christian walk. I think my lack of male friendships has inhibited my humanity…and I still struggle.

So, some thoughts on how we can succeed in the old-fashioned, but desperately needed art of friendship…

  • Distinguish being neighborly from being a friend – friendship goes beyond neighborliness
  • Definitely don’t depend solely on your wife for friendship – other men provide fresh insight
  • Be emotional about things – as evidenced in Psalms don’t resist emotional friendships
  • Define your friendship with words – articulate what your friendship means
  • Practice celebration – enjoy life together, God’s coming Kingdom describes as a party
  • Don’t always just be doing something – undistracted face-to-face time moves us deeper
  • Always include Jesus – real men don’t hide their faith…talk about Jesus as a mutual friend
  • Be excited and energized by the Gospel – the Gospel alone is power of God for salvation

As we practice the laws of friendship, especially being energized by the friendship of Christ, the better we will know Him and learn how to live as friends on our journey.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

May His Name be Magnified throughout the earth…….

Jim Higham Nathan Hernandez

For more information, please contact: Jim Higham, Nathan Hernandez or the Church Off