Co-Writer, Director, Producer

A proud native of Chicago, Christopher Lloyd began his film career working as an intern on Andrew Davis films such as Above the Law, Under Siege, and The Fugitive. After a stint at Cal Tech, Lloyd toured the world with his Minolta 35mm camera to see what life was like outside the United States.

“I don’t take myself too seriously,” Lloyd said. “That was a valuable lesson I learned from living in Los Angeles. There’s way too many people who have spent their entire lives taking themselves too seriously.”

Lloyd’s career shifted to focus on human rights in the 2000s, and he volunteered for numerous non-profits around Chicago. “I began to see two sides to everything,” he added. “I realized that life wasn’t so much about me anymore after we had kids. That truly made me a better person.”

Lloyd now works for a Chicago venture capital firm, raising his two children with his beautiful wife Natalie. A self-described Renaissance man, Lloyd fosters his creative impulses through photography, charcoal drawings, and writing thought-provoking stories.

“I want to share a compelling story that has a powerful message of tolerance and love,” Lloyd said. “A project that makes people ask hard questions about the morality and values they were taught. Risk and Reward, at its best, is a story that holds a mirror up to society to face the untidy truths of who we are as a people.”


Co-Writer, Production Designer

An avid comic creator and auteur, Theresa is credited with the genesis of the story for Risk and Reward. “One of my dearest friends was involved with a much younger man, and I saw first-hand how much of a struggle it was,” Theresa explained. “Unfortunately, there is so much toxicity in today’s thinking, that it compelled me to write this story.”

A native of Vancouver B.C., Theresa studied acting at Columbia University before discovering comics at age 21. “My world changed when I picked up my first issue of She-Hulk,” she said. “I immediately identified with that character and all of its remarkable potential.”

Theresa met Christopher at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con at a film screening, and they immediately hit it off. “It was all downhill from there,” she said jokingly. “That guy is a nut, but the most centered nut I’ve ever met.”

Theresa's day job is working as a curator for the Seattle Art Museum. In whatever spare time Theresa finds, she walks her dogs and draws.