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What to Do About Trees

By Risa Bear

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Some of these poems have appeared in the journals Bellowing Ark, Sand River Journal, New Zoo Poetry Review, Lynx: Poetry from Bath, Aerious, Disquieting Muses, Ariga: Visions, Writtenmind, Rockhurst Review, and the chapbook series Cedar Bark Poets. "Cityscape with Pink Rose" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

What to do about trees, for she had room:

Have an orchard. But isn't that thinking

About twenty years ahead? So she went

To the tool room for her spade in November;

Took that and four apple saplings down

Onto the flat by the road, and began. Years she

Did this, working up and around the rise

Of better ground. Pears, cherries, quince

Abounded, but the plums got blight, and had to

Be started over. She was too old to harvest

Or even get shade from nut trees, they're so slow;

Uncoupling crop from objective, she anyway set

Them out, along with all the rest. Last, she

Thought of mulberries. The hens could have

Really used those. Oh, well. She ordered,

Even this late in life, and planted once more,

Even as those old hens looked on amazed:

Something to offer folks not yet alive.

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