Rinkai Hackathon 2018

Currently we only accept one event "RinkaiHackathon 2018" registration as a public offering. (deadline for submission 2018. May. 11) / 現在一つのイベント "RinkaiHackathon2018"の参加登録のみ、一般公募として受け付けています。(2018. Apr. 9 現在, 応募締め切り2018. May. 11)

Rinkai Hackathon 2018

Aim for the event / 目的

This year we are planning lectures and practical trainings on environmental DNA / metagenome and will provide experience-based learning from DNA extraction from sea water to DNA sequence analysis. Let’s learn the actual latest situation of the marine metagenomic analyses which is often taking up as a scientific topic recently. At the same time, we will set a discussion time in which participants discuss what of classical knowledge and system of biology does not change depending on the progress of technology.

It is also one of the objectives of this event to promote personal exchanges beyond the academic area through the joint retreat at the marine station. We would like to encourage for participating any of those who are not familiar with marine stations, who are not familiar with large-scale data analysis, and who do not have such know-how in their laboratory. Particularly invite participants from the fields of bioinformatics, zoology and botany, and marine biology.



Application / 応募方法

Please fill the registration items from the Registration page in this site. /


The registration acceptance period for RinkaiHackathon-2018 has ended. / RinkaiHackathon 2018 の参加申し込み期間は終了しました。

For inquiries about participation please contact us from the contact form. / 参加について問い合わせたい場合はコンタクト-ページからお問い合わせください。

Capacity / 募集人数

Since the practical training facility and training contents, we have a capacity of about 20 people. In case of a large number of applications, we will conduct a selection.


Eligibility for participation / 参加資格

Intended participants: graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Person who can be gained a permission to participate this event from his/her belonging institution/laboratory.

Person who is in insurance to compensate for injuries and liability for extracurricular activities such as Gakken-sai (JEES), etc. (Credit card accompanying insurance or similar items may be acceptable). We will check on this later after your registration. For your information, JEES insurance can be easily subscribed by Seikyo (co-op) of your university at the amount of about several hundred yen. If you don't know how to join, please contact RinkaiHack2018 committee (responsible: Takeshi Kawashima) from the Contact Page. /



学研災学研賠等の課外活動に関する怪我や賠償責任を補償する保険 (クレジットカード付帯保険などそれに類するものでも可)に加入していること - 後ほど確認します。学研災等の保険は数百円程度の金額で、各大学等生協で簡単に加入できます。加入方法がわからない場合は、"問い合わせページ"からRinkaiHack2018運営委員(担当:川島)に問い合わせてください。

Date / 開催日時

Hackathon period: June 10 (Sun) - June 13 (Wed), 2018

The symposium and hands-on are independent events.

Hands-on participants basically require participation for three days during the period. Also please join the symposium as much as possible. Participants only at the symposium are also accepted.

The symposium: June 10 (Sunday), 2018

The hands-on: June 11(Monday) - June 13 (Wednesday), 2018

(Please apply additional stay (for June 14) from the registration page if you need.)

ハッカソン期間:2018年6月10日(日) - 2017年6月13日(水)




ハンズオン:2018年6月11日(月)-6月13日(水) (希望者は前後泊が可能ですのでregistrationページから申し出てください。)


Rough schedule: 大まかなスケジュール

June 10 (Sunday)

13:30 - 17:30 Symposium

Symposium Lecturers: See below (Symposium Lecturers)

18:30- Welcome Reception

<stay at a hotel near Fukuyama Station>

June 11 (Monday)

9:00 - 10:30 Move to the marine station

10:30 - 11:00 Check In

11:00 - 12:00 Field class at a beach.

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

13:00 - 17:00 Hands-on course ( Sample preparation, DNA extraction. PCR check, Hackathon (with Advanced learners) or Bioinformatics course (for Beginners))

Instructors: Mayuko Hamada, Takeshi Kawashima, Masa-aki Yoshida, Davin Setiamarga, Akihito Omori.

Special Lecture by Satoshi Yamamoto (Kyoto Univ.)

18:00 - 20:00 Dinner and discussion

June 12 (Tuesday)

Hands-on course, Lecture, writing, programming course and discussion, Hackathon (with Advanced learners) or Bioinformatics course (for Beginners)

Instructors: Mayuko Hamada, Takeshi Kawashima, Masa-aki Yoshida, Davin Setiamarga, Akihito Omori.

Special Lecture by Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe Univ.)

June 13 (Wednesday)

9:00 - 12:00 Hands-on course, Lecture, writing, presentation, closing remarks.

Venue / 開催場所

Symposium / シンポジウム (6/10)

Fukuju-kaikan at Fukuyama Castle

1-8-9, Maruno-uchi, Fukuyama, zip 720-0061

福山城内 福寿会館

〒720-0061 福山市丸之内一丁目8番9号

Hands-on / ハンズオン (6/11-13)

Marine Biological Laboraotry of Hiroshima University

2445 Mukaishima-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima 722-0073 Japan

(About the MBL).

広島大学 大学院理学研究科附属臨海実験所 (向島)

〒722-0073 広島県尾道市向島町2445番地


Tel: 0848-44-1143

Access / 移動経路

Notes on access / 移動経路全般について

For the reasons such as the parking space etc., please use the public transportation as much as possible. If you have a reason to use your own private car, please contact us in advance.

On the other hand, because Mukaishima Is. is the starting point of the Shimanami Highway for bicycle, rental bicycle service is substantial and it is relatively easy to use. If you are interested to use bicycle please arrange yourself. There is an enough space to put your bicycle in the site of the marine station.



Route to symposium venue (Fukuju-kaikan hall) / シンポジウム会場(福寿会館)への移動経路

Take the Tokaido Shinkansen "Fukuyama station" and you will see Fukuyama Castle in front of you. The Fukuju-kaikan hall for the symposiumis in the site of Fukuyama Castle. About 6 minutes walk from Fukuyama station.


Routes to the venue of hands-on training (the marine station of Hiroshima university)/ ハンズオン合宿会場(広島大学臨海実験所)への移動経路

Currently, we are planing of a shuttle bus charter from the JR Onomichi station to the marine station on the morning at June 11. The following is a reference information for a person who don't use the shuttle bus.

From Tokaido Shinkansen "Fukuyama station", change to JR Sanyo main line and get off at "Onomichi station". There is the "Mukaishima Is. Ferry Pier" in the place 1-2 minute walk from the Onomichi station. After arriving at Mukaijima Is. by ferry, there are three ways from Mukaishima's Pier to the marine station, using a taxi, using a rental bicycle, or using a bus (Tachibana line).

In case you use a taxi, front of the pier of mukaijima Is. is the taxi stand immediately.

In case you use a rental bicycle, a rental bicycle can be borrowed behind the Mukaijima branch of Onomichi City Hall (5 minutes of walk from Mukaishima Is. pier. ) Onomichi community center Mukaishima

In case you use a public bus, you can use Tachibana line of Onomichi-bus. Only five buses are served in each week day. Please take the bus at the "Ekimae-Watashi-bune" bus-stop to "E-no-ura", then get off at "Daigaku-mae" bus-stop. "Daigaku-mae" bus-stop is the front of the entrance of the marine station. Bus time table. Bus route map.

Time of departure from the bus stop "Ekimae-Watashi-bune" to "E-no-ura" destination. (about 25 min to the "Daigaku-mae" bus stop.) 8:08, 10:23, 12:23, 15:08, 16:08




レンタル自転車は、尾道市役所向島支所(向島の船着場について徒歩5分)の裏手で借りることができます。Onomichi community center Mukaishima


駅前渡船発時刻 (大学前まで25分ほど)、8:08, 10:23, 12:23, 15:08, 16:08

Accommodation: 宿泊場所


Participants will stay at the accommodation annexed to Mukaishima Marine Station on June 11-13. The rooms are Japanese style, and 2-4 persons will share a one room. There are no other hotels within walking distance. If you have special reasons to stay at a hotel outside the marine station, please contact us.

What to bring: 持ち物

Clothing and other stuffs necessary for a trip of three nights. / 3泊4日の旅行にに必要なもの。衣類等

    • Marine stations is an educational research institution. Amenities such as towels and toothbrushes are not offered to accommodation facilities, so please be sure to bring them. / 向島臨海実験所は教育研究機関です。タオル・歯ブラシ等のアメニティは提供されませんので、必ず持参してください
    • There is no convenience store etc. in walking distance at all. / 徒歩圏内にコンビニエンスストアー等はまったくありません

Participation Fee (to be determined) / 参加費 (未定)

(The case of laste year as an example is shown below, / 昨年の例を下記に示します。)

Food expenses ¥1,760 / 食費¥1,760 (内訳; 朝食¥360x2, 昼食¥420x1, 夕食¥560x1)

Reception fee ¥1,500 / 懇親会費¥1,500

Total Fee ¥3,260 / 合計¥3,260

We don't charge accomodation expenses, training room usage fee, and training expense / 宿泊費、実習室利用料、実習費は徴収しません

Bringing local specialty products, local sake etc. from each participants is welcome. / 各参加者からの地元名産品、地酒等の持ち込みを歓迎します

Lecturers and Instructors / 講師・教員

Symposium Lecturers

Takeshi Kawashima (National Institute of Genetics) at June 10 (Sun) / 川島武士 かわしま たけし (NIG) 6月10日(日)

Shinsuke Kawagucci (JAMSTEC) at June 10 (Sun) / 川口慎介 かわぐち しんすけ (JAMSTEC) 6月10日(日)

Blanc-Mathieu, Romain (Kyoto Univ.) at June 10 (Sun) / ブランマチュー ローマン (Kyoto Univ.) 6月10日(日)

Yosuke Nishimura (Univ. of Tokyo) at June 10 (Sun) / 西村陽介 にしむら ようすけ (東京大学 大気海洋研究所 ) 6月10日 (日)

Satoshi Hiraoka (JAMSTEC) at June 10 (Sun) / 平岡聡史 ひらおか さとし (JAMSTEC) 6月10日(日)

James Reimer (University of the Ryukyus) Schedule TBD / ライマー ジェームス (琉球大学) 講演日未定

Hands-on Lecturers

Satoshi Yamamoto (Kyoto University) : metabarcoding at June 11 (Mon) / 山本哲史 やまもと さとし (京都大学) メタバーコーディング 6月11日(月)

Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe University) : oceanic dynamics at June 12 (Tue) / 内山雄介 うちやま ゆうすけ (神戸大学) 海洋流ダイナミクス 6月12日(火)

Hands-on Instructors

Takeshi Kawashima (National Institute of Genetics) : Evolutionary Biology and Comparative Genomics / 川島武士 かわしまたけし (遺伝研) : 進化生物学および比較ゲノム解析

Masa-aki Yoshida (Shimane University) : Evolutionary Biology and Comparative Genomics / 吉田真明 よしだまさあき (島根大隠岐臨海) :進化生物学および比較ゲノム解析

Mayuko Hamada (Okayama University) : Evolutionary Developmental Biology / 濱田麻友子 はまだまゆこ (岡山大牛窓臨海) : 進化発生学

Norio Miyamoto (JAMSTEC) / 宮本教生 みやもと のりお (JAMSTEC)

Yoshiaki Morino (University of Tsukuba) / 守野孔明 もりの よしあき (筑波大学)

Davin Setiamarga (NIT,Wakayama College) / スティアマルガ デフィン (和歌山工専)

Akihito Omori (Niigata Univ.) / 大森紹仁 (新潟大学)

Several others, in negotiations.

Participating / Committee members / 参加・運営メンバー

Committee members for Rinkaihackathon2018 / リンカイハッカソン2018 運営委員

Takeshi Kawashima (National Institute of Genetics) / 川島武士 かわしまたけし (遺伝研)

Masa-aki Yoshida (Shimane University) / 吉田真明 よしだまさあき (島根大隠岐臨海)

Mayuko Hamada (Okayama University) / 濱田麻友子 はまだまゆこ (岡山大牛窓臨海)

Norio Miyamoto (JAMSTEC) / 宮本教生 みやもと のりお (海洋研究開発機構)

Yoshiaki Morino (University of Tsukuba) / 守野孔明 もりの よしあき (筑波大)

Davin Setiamarga (NIT,Wakayama College) / スティアマルガ デフィン (和歌山工専)

Akihito Omori (Niigata Univ.) / 大森紹仁 おおもり あきひと (新潟大学)

Kunifumi Tagawa (Hiroshima University) / 田川訓史 たがわくにふみ (広島大学向島臨海)

Co-hosted by / 共催

Hiroshima University / Hiroshima University / 広島大学

DNA Data Bank of Japan / DDBJ

JSBi (Japanese Society for Bioinformatics) / JSBi (日本バイオインフォマティクス学会)

Supported by / 協力

ROIS Mirai Toushi FS / ROIS 未来投資FS

Endosed by / 推薦

The chair of the directors meeting for the Japanese National Marine and Inland Water Stations / 全国国立大学臨海・臨湖実験所所長会議・議長推薦

Links for preparation studies / 予習用リンク

Link for marine metagenomic research / 海洋メタゲノム関連のリンク

Related to the scheduled lecture by Dr. Yamamoto

Environmental DNA metabarcoding reveals local fish communities.

わずか1日の調査で魚種の8割を検出 (in Japanese)

Special Products and Delicious foods at Mukaijima Is./Onomichi/Fukuyama

/ 福山/尾道/向島 近郊のうまいものと名産品

・Hassaku (orange) Jelly / はっさくゼリー

・Natural water soda / マルゴサイダー