RIMS Workshop


Inverse problems of partial differential equations and related topics


Date: January 24th (Wed.) PM -- January 26th (Fri.) PM , 2018

Place: Room 111 (1st floor), Research Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University


Organizer: Michiyuki Watanabe (Niigata University, Japan)

Co-orgaizer: Hiroshi Fujiwara (Kyoto University, Japan)

This workshop is supported by part from Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) 15H05740 "Renovating solutions and applications of coefficient inverse problems for partial differential equations" (principal investigator: Masahiro Yamamoto (University of Tokyo) and the A3 Foresight Program "Modeling and Computation of Applied Inverse Problems" (JSPS, NSFC, NRF)

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January 24th (Wed.)

  • 13:00~13:45 Takahiro Saitoh (Gunma University)

Defect shape reconstruction using various inverse scattering methods

  • 14:00~14:45 Suguru Maekawa (Kyoto University)

Multiscale coefficient reconstruction in time harmonic visco elastic equation for MR Elastography

  • 15:00~15:45 Xudong Chen (National University of Singapore)

Inverse scattering with an inhomogeneous background medium

  • 16:00~16:45 Makoto Maruya (NEC)

3D reconstruction as an inverse problem: An example of asteroid exploration

January 25th (Thu.)

  • 9:00~9:45 Furuya Takashi (Nagoya University)

A modification of the factorization method for scatterers with different physical properties

  • 10:00~10:45 Igor Trooshin (Tohoku University)

Inverse Scattering Problems on Quantum Graphs

  • 11:00~11:45 Atsuhide Ishida (Tokyo University of Science)

On the inverse scattering for fractional powers of the negative Laplacian

  • 14:00~14:45 Jijun Liu (Southeast University, China)

On fluorescence imaging: diffusion equation model and nonuniqueness of the inverse problem

  • 15:00~15:45 Alexandre Jollivet (CNRS & Université de Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies, France)

Estimates for the Steklov zeta function of a planar domain

  • 16:00~16:45 Shigeru Sakaguchi (Tohoku University)

Two-phase heat conductors, stationary isothermic surfaces and surfaces with the constant flow property

  • 18:00~ Banquet

January 26th (Fri.)

  • 10:00~10:45 Xinchi Huang (University of Tokyo)

Carleman estimate for a time-fractional advection-diffusion equation and application

  • 11:00~11:45 Ken-ichi Fujisiro (NIT, Ishikawa College)

Nonhomogeneous boundary value problems for fractional diffusion equations with distributed order

  • 13:30~14:15 Li Zhiyuan (Shandong University of Technology)

Inversion for orders of fractional derivatives of diffusion equation

  • 14:30~15:15 Fikret Golegelyen (Bulent Ecevit University)

An integral geometry problem along geodesics and an inverse problem for the kinetic equation on a Riemannian manifold

  • 15:30~16:15 Hisashi Morioka (Doshisha University)

An approximate control on plate equations by power series of the Gevrey class

We are planning a banquet in the evening of January 25th. If you are interested in this conference, please contact to the organizer , or co-organizer.

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