Education & Employment

The Education and Employment Committee’s charge, which includes the following, shows a role for volunteers of diverse backgrounds:

a) The Education and Employment Committee will help adults develop sufficient fluency in English to function well in American society. Although acquiring general competency is essential, some may need assistance with the language of particular fields, such as medical.

b) If there are children of school age, committee volunteers will help to place the children into appropriate schools. RIM’s practice is that in the case of young children a volunteer serves as a liaison for each child between the family and the classroom teacher.

c) It may well be that children have lacked educational opportunities; and if so, volunteers will be called on to provide instruction in academic subjects .

d) Education and employment are closely related in ways other than language learning. Once clients have work authorization, volunteers will be needed to help them obtain work. Ways of assistance will vary, but may include help in creating a resume or CV, perhaps a practice interview, and quite possibly aid with technology. Of course, clients may need help more generally in determining how their skills may be put to use in this country, and volunteers may help to find a willing employer within congregations of the cluster.

Volunteers who have direct contact with our clients need to have undergone a CORI (background) check; instructions and the form are on the Documents page.

Committee Chairs: Ken Carpenter, Anne Benaquist

To join this committee: send an email to and ask to be added to the Education Google Group.

To send an email to all the members of this committee: