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Fever of Unknown Origin (4)

Swelling of both parotid glands

Diabetic lady with skin lesion

Is it lung cancer?

Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer – Management

Clinical findings in diabetes - Part 1 Part 2

Purpuric rash

Emergencies that should not be missed - Part 1 (6) Part 2 (6)

Man with pleuritic chest pain

Man with discolouration of fingertips

Bluish discoloration of the fingers

A nail sign

Woman with diffuse hematomas

Man with fever and rash

Man with joint pain and swelling

Man with dyspnea and chest pain

Man with dyspnoea and haemoptysis

Comatose man with dark urine

Acute swelling of the tongue

Bleeding gums

Chronic Leukemias (6 MCQs)

Food Poisoning (5 MCQs)