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Dermatoses in Pregnant Patients (7)

Exophytic Growths on the Back

How to differentiate benign skin lesions from cancerous ones : Part 1 (16) Part - 2 (10)

Skin (Cold Injuries)

Mass growing in the face

Skin plaques in a woman with renal disease

Common skin Rashes You must diagnose – Part 1 Part 2

Diffuse eruption on the face

Asymptomatic Nodule on the face

Man, with lesions on his left knee

A 15-Year-old boy with papules

Skin Lesion over tibia

Clues to Diagnosing Nutritional Deficiencies (12)

Skin Rashes (3)

What is the diagnosis?

Boy with a diffuse rash

Pruritic Erythematous Plaques

Rash and Fever in a College Student

Bazex’s syndrome (acrokeratosis paraneoplastica)

Vesicular Rash in A College Student


Stevens - Johnson Syndrome

Suspected terrorist with a facial rash

Swelling of the Lips

Rash on the face and around the eyes

Red Tender Nodule on a Pregnant Patient

Diffuse, Hyperpigmented Rash in an Adult

Persistent Lower-Limb Ulcers in a Patient with Diabetes

Fever and Rash in a Patient with HIV Infection

Chronic Unilateral Preauricular Rash

Multiple bullae on the trunk

Boy with a diffuse rash

Woman with a pruritic rash

Boy with an asymptomatic black plaque

Man with a reddish lesion on his forehead

Patient with patchy skin hyperpigmentation

What is this clinical sign?

Rashes that can be fatal

Cutaneous clues to metastatic cancer

Fleshy lesions on a 35-year-old woman

Progressive fatigue and recurrent epistaxis