The Rigjen or Rig e Jenn Desert

The Rig jen, Bermuda Triangle of Iran.

Why Travel to Rigjen?

Rigjen Desert is one of the secret regions of Iran.

On the journey to this desert, you will experience a special thrill alongside its mystery.

You can see the beauty of the desert areas, including the hills and sand dunes, and the night sky nightlife.


Rigjen is one of the most mysterious and scary zones in Iran, with a whirlwind that brings death to any living creature. Many unanswered and unexplained events are taking place in this area, and the salt marshes of this area have been the site of mass murder and burial of many living beings.

This area is cursed in the beliefs of the indigenous peoples of the desert! They believe that evil spirits rule in this mysterious land, and so anyone who steps into the gig of the river is swallowed and never returns! But maybe it's strange for you to know that these days, Ridge Jin has become one of the destinations of Iranian tourism, and tourism tours from this time travel to this desert and savory desert. The land that you leave behind you will find that there is no movement within 50 kilometers of radius!

Years ago, a Swedish traveler and later an Austrian tourist arrived at the regional margins that were known as the beginning of Rigjen, but they did not go deep into it, some Iranian battalions walked to the Rigjen. The late Mohammad Ali Inanlou was one of these naturalists who said about Rigjen, that when we arrived, we would not work after some time, and despite the fact that our cars were close, we could not communicate with each other.

The myths say that in the depths of this desert region there is a good place where everyone goes there no longer wants to return, but another group speaks of a Bermuda triangle.

One of the most fascinating mysteries of this amazing area is 30 km south of the center of the Rigjen and the point of the intersection of the fifth wall and the tail of the river. This mystery refers to black stones that are seen in this area and are slag melting of mineral metals. Slag is an artificial and lateral product, which is obtained from impurities in the metal in the process of separating the metal in the melting furnaces and has various uses. Research on these rocks revealed that these slags were abandoned after the extraction of copper smelter from the mountains of Mount Mollaadi and other copper mines.

Everything looks so ordinary, but the most interesting part is that this method of melting in Iran has a very old history and has not been used for many years. In this method, Taq shrubs were used to heat the fire and melt the metals, because the plant was operated in melting furnaces because of its high fire resistance and fire resistance. Haloxylon vegetation in the place where the rocks are seen are weaker than other parts of the world, which indicates that halmos have been used in this area. It is enough to admit that in the very long past, there have been those who have access to the center of the Rigjen without even mentioning their names in history. Now the question arises: How did these people survive in this region? While today there is no sign of life anywhere in this great disgust, and there is not even a drop of water in it ?!

What is the secret of Rigjen?

From the scientific point of view, the Bermuda Triangle theory and the disappearance of people in this area are far from the mind, but with the explanation that there is no extraordinary power in the disappearance of people, but the marshmallow people who have come from the wrong direction, they are thrown on the swamps It is so difficult to identify the marshes properly, in the case of clogged sounds, experts say that these voices are caused by the wind blow to the natural structures that were created due to sand displacement and wind erosion. They listen

A trip to the Rigjen usually takes place with the highest level of equipment. On this trip, it is necessary to save food, water, gasoline and technical equipment of the car with the tourist for at least 15 days. Do not forget about the map, because it's very dangerous to travel to Peggy. The most important thing is that if you have never traveled to the desert and are not so-called professional, for the first time, you will not be able to eliminate the fairy tale. Even if you are a professional, be sure to travel to the area in a group.

Rigjen in the southwest and west of the desert, south of Semnan, southeastern Garmsar, east of the desert protected area, north of Anarak and west of Jandagh! This is the most accurate address that can be given to a desert whose name does not appear on most maps. It is as if the fair is the ruin of the lost land of the era!

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