Pandemic Plays 20|20

Pandemic Plays 20|20

Interactive Storytelling Studio Event

Where: Zoom

When: OCTOBER 29 + 30, 2020

Produced in Partnership with Convergences Theatre Collective (CTC)

During these unprecedented times, the community of artists at The Ridiculous Project have found that storytelling, even on Zoom, can be an important and effective means of forging connection. Founding Artistic Director, Kate Kohler Amory, is writing a new play “Pandemic Plays 2020” that explores with honesty and humor the layers of chaos that our world, our communities and ourselves have been facing. The play provokes a necessary and inspiring reflection of humanity during the 2020 Pandemic and offers hope for the future. While we are still living through some of these unprecedented times, we invite you to engage with these excerpts from the script in progress. Surely you will be inspired to share your own pandemic story!

Playwright & Director:

Kate Kohler Amory


Kyle Gregory Script Consultant

Kati Nalbandian Admin & Marketing

Greg Lipper

Jeremy Williams CTC


Theresa Lang Dramaturgy

Kayla Norton Stage Manager & Sound

Jack Neville Video Editor


Dru Berrian Juanita

Michael Blunt Newscaster

Jay Connolly Newscaster

Meaghan DeRoche Clearie

Ori Harris Jose

Tamara Hickey Claire

David Lipper Sam

Collier Randall Kyle

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What to Expect:

Zoom in and watch 3 excerpts of this in-progress play with fellow audience members. After each excerpt, audience members will be invited to join small groups in breakout rooms to engage in a voluntary short story telling activity. The scene you've just seen will likely evoke a memory from your own experiences during this unprecedented time. Sharing your stories will help us better understand the impact of this piece and your story may become a part of the staged edition of this work when we return to the theatre.

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Admission/ Support:

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We hope that your support for our project can be found through both participation in this developmental moment in our process and through donations to support the evolution of this work and its fruition on stage in the future! Collaborative artists are being compensated for their time and we are working to grow our audience for the eventual return of the in-person theatre.

Please know your ticket is going to support our independent theatre company’s artists and collaborators. Any additional donation is appreciated!