Veteran's Day Live 2018

Classlist, Rules, and Entry Form

Entry fee is $35. To enter, please download the show bill, fill out the entry form, and mail it to Trina Houser at the address shown on the form. Checks or money orders can be made out to Trina and mailed with your entry. You may also email Trina to get PayPal information.


Riga Township Hall, 7817 Riga Highway, Riga, Michigan 49276 (six miles north of Toledo)

Basic Information

Set-up at 8:00 am

Show starts at 9:00 am


The judges are as follows:

  • Artist Resin--Morgan Lewis
  • Customs--Tonjia Clark
  • China--Dee Majors
  • MM/MW--Bella Bernaiche
  • Other Plastic--Chunk Watts
  • Performance--Maureen Reynolds
  • Classics--Mandy Yontz
  • OF Breyer Minis--Kati Stupka
  • OF Stone Minis--Jill Foster


This is a mini show for Classics scale and smaller. My Traditional show will be in the spring.

Classes and Divisions

In order for everyone to get to show more models, I am splitting this show into Collectability, Workmanship, and Breed. There also is a Performance division where all scales will show together. The Breed divisions are: Breyer Classics, Breyer Stablemates/Paddock Pals/Little Bits, Breyer Mini Whinnies/Micro Minis, Stone Chips/Pebbles, Other Plastics, Chinas, AR, and CM. The Collectability divisions are: Classics, Stablemates and Paddock Pals/Little Bits, Other Plastics, Stone Chips, Stone Pebbles, and China. All Divisions will share the same class list except for China; it has its own class list. The Workmanship divisions are: Customs (CM) and Artist Resins (AR).


As this is a NAN show, all Collectability entries must have documentation. That is a NAN requirement. If you do not have documentation, your model will not be judged. For Breed, documentation is not required. However, if you are showing your model as a rare breed, such as a Noma Horse, documentation is encouraged. Whether your documentation is a print-out, a page from a book, a breed pamphlet, etc, it must fit in an 8.5” x 11” space. This is also a NAN requirement.

Class Limits

Performance—2 models per class. All other classes—3 models per class.

Order of Classes

The Performance Division will start in the morning. It will show on one table. Once Performance is done, Collectability will show on that table. This will be an 8’ table. Depending on the sizes of the classes, the table may be split in half to run two Collectability classes at once. Please listen for any announcements. All Breed divisions, except for China, will start in the morning. Once a judge has finished judging, he or she will call for the next class. Please make sure you listen for your class so you don’t miss it. The China Division will start showing once the MM/MW Division is done. The MM/MW Division usually is the first done which is why China will follow that and use that table. If, for some reason, another Division is finished first, then that table will be used for the China Division. Please listen for any announcements regarding this.


Paper ribbons will be awarded 1st-6th. Rosettes will be awarded for Section and Division Champions. First and second placers will be awarded NAN cards for their respective divisions. There will probably be other prizes, too. There will be several raffle items; raffle tickets are $1 each or six for $5. When you buy your tickets, you will have to put your name on each one and then put it in the cup for the prize you are hoping to win. Raffle items will be drawn later in the day.


Potlucks work well with this show hall. I will provide the main dish and entrants can bring a side or desert to share. If you’d like to buy a potluck lunch, it will be $5 per person with the money going to our beneficiaries. You are also welcome to bring your own food. There is a microwave and a refrigerator here. Blissfield is a town a few miles away which has a couple fast-food restaurants. We will break for lunch around noon for about a half-hour/45 minutes. PS—I now have a coffee machine! Bring your own Keirig pod and cup and I will also brew a regular pot.

The Beneficiaries

HOOVES stands for “Healing Of Our Veterans Equine Services.” HOOVES provides services to veterans at no cost to them. This organization is based in Whitehouse, Ohio, and is run by Amanda Held. Please look them up on their website: There also will be a box for donations for Heroes in Action. This organization is out of Toledo, Ohio, and collects non-perishable and personal items to make up care packages to send to military personnel overseas. We’ll be collecting any kind of non-perishables, such as chewing gum, and other types of items, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, for Heroes in Action to send overseas. Please check out their website,, for a complete list of needed items.


While every precaution will be taken for the safety of the entrants and exhibits, Trina Houser, Riders Up on the Hill, the Riga Fire Hall, and other involved parties are not responsible for loss, theft, personal damage, etc. By signing this entry form, you agree to abide by the rules of the show.


Contact Trina Houser at