Posted 2007 updated picture.

Rico Fullerton

Jamaican Criminal

Lives in Jamaica

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Beware of this person he is a gun and drug smuggler, land thief and con artist.

This man scammed my son and his friend out of 22,000 thousand U.S dollars. Sold them land with fake papers.

1. Land selling scams he sells land that he don't own to unsuspecting victims.

2. Forgery's any paper work you get from this person are all false.

3. Drugs, Gun smuggling and human trafficking steal animals and takes them to Haiti to trade for guns uses fishing boat as his mode of transport.

4. He will steal anything land, boats, boat engine the doors off your home.

5. He smokes crack cocaine and smokes a lot menthol cigarettes.

6. He is a fast talker 100% of what he say are all lies.

7. He is lives around , Chalky hill, Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios, St Anns Bay area.

8. Even though he is a criminal he will RAT and call the police on other criminals.