So we really love pinball and we wanted to share this love with the people of Richmond. For a long time Richmond has been a pinball desert and we wanted to change that. We think that Richmond can become a pinball destination for enthusiasts and competitors alike. We think that that it is more fun to play pinball together rather than apart. So join us in making Richmond the center of the pinball universe.

This is our official organizational vision statement:

Core values:

-make pinball accessible to the masses

-support and foster competitive pinball

-use pinball as a vehicle for celebration and community building

-make Richmond the center of the pinball universe

Core purpose:

Spread the joy of pinball to the people.

BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)

To have the world’s largest and most successful pinball location. Our location should have all top 250 DMD and EM games ever produced. Those game will be playable in a hip fun location that is open 7 days a week. Pinball enthusiast will travel from all over the world to visit our location, play in our tournaments and attend our conventions. We will renowned for the size, quality and upkeep of our collection.