House Rules

Richmond Pinball Collective (RPC)

House Rules

1. Club Purpose: Richmond Pinball Collective is a private, membership driven club that promotes the hobby and sport of pinball and provides a wide variety of pinball machines for members to enjoy. We offer leagues, tournaments, casual play, maintenance classes and other events related to the pinball hobby.

2. Membership Dues: Monthly membership dues are $30 per person or $50 per family (up to 6 family members). Additional family members above 6 are $10 per member.. A family is defined as immediate family members within the same household.

A six (6) month prepaid membership is available for $120 per person or $240 per family.

3. Club /Games Access: Members are allowed access to the club during all regular business hours (see website for listing of hours). Regular business hours may vary but will be published on our website. Some special events such as tournaments will also be open to members. They will be listed on the website also.

Club games will be set to “free play” so membership dues covers the cost of playing the games.

Members will need to check in upon entering the club and be current on memberships dues to be granted access.

4. Member Guests: Members may bring up two guests per visit (or more if approval is granted in advance). Guests must pay a guest fee of $10 per visit. The guest name will be logged and the guest must sign a copy of this agreement before entering the club. A person may only be a guest at the club for a maximum of 3 visits per calendar year.

4.a. Volunteer Support: Members are expected to contribute to the success of the club by periodically volunteering for various tasks such as helping staff our club for open times, tournaments and special events. We can keep membership dues low with volunteer support. Please see the website for more information of Volunteer opportunities.

5. Valuables: The club is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen property of members. You agree that it is your responsibility to secure your valuables.

6. Weapons: No weapons of any kind will be permitted on club property unless you are a uniformed police officer and are on duty and identify yourself as such. Possession of weapons is grounds for immediate termination of membership.

7. Alcohol / Drugs: No alcoholic beverages can be consumed on premises when the club is open unless we have a banquet license from the ABC for a special membership event. No drugs are allowed on the premises at any time. Failure to comply with the above may result in revocation of membership privileges.

8. Personal Safety: Members will use common sense with regard to their physical safety, accept personal responsibility for same, and release the RIchmond Pinball Collective, its staff, owners, and management from any liability for injuries occurring as a result of the members use of the club, its facilities, and/or equipment.

9. Harassment: No harassment, sexual or otherwise, will be permitted in the club. Any such harassment shall be immediately reported to club staff. If the complaint is justified, your membership may be permanently revoked.

10. Behavior: Please be respectful of your fellow members, the staff and the games. Abuse of the machines (slamming, kicking, excessive shaking, etc.) will not be tolerated. If you become disorderly and are asked to leave, you must do so quietly and immediately. Your membership may be immediately revoked if you fail to do so.. If you are asked to leave more than once in a twelve-month period, you may be banned..

11. You understand that your right to access the club is conditioned upon your compliance with these rules, and your payment of dues. Please respect the rules and have fun!

12. The rules of the club may be modified by the directors of the Richmond Pinball Club. Members will be notified by email of any changes to the rules.