Lend Us A Game

Where did you get all these games?

Funny you should ask, all games are graciously donated by members and the directors of the collective. We are all trying to expand the pinball community and make public tournaments a regular affair in Richmond. We strongly believe in the mission of the organization and so are helping by putting our personal collection in the collective to make it happen.

Can I put a game in the collective?

Yes! Contact us about putting games in the collective. Even if the collective is full we are always looking to rotate games. We do ask that all games be in functioning condition and well maintained.

Vistit our Contact Us page

Will my games be maintained?

We will definitely take care of your games. We will keep your games clean and change out the rubbers and do minor repairs. There are limitations conditions and exclusions as defined in the Game Loan Agreement. Basically we will not be able to afford catastrophic repairs but will do everything we can to maintain the games. We want games to be fun and super playable.

What do I get out of loaning my game?

  • Get access to volunteer only nights and annual volunteer party
  • Pinball rule card naming you as a person of high prestige
  • Create Richmond's most amazing pinball arcade
  • Participate in and actualize our mission and vision. (see our Vision page)

Why don't I get a discount on my membership?

The number one reason is that we don't have extra funds right now to offer folks a discount. We need every dollar to pay rent, utilities, building maintenance and game maintenance. We also had a difficult time figuring out who gets how much of a discount. Does someone who puts in a premium machine get a better discount than a person who puts in a solid state machine?

That being said this may change in the future. If we find we are flush with cash and a discounts bring in premium machines then we will be flexible and change our policies. We will need our membership to help us figure out to do this appropriately.

Will my games be safe?

Yes! Your games will be protected by a security system and covered by insurance. Our insurance coverage will cover most situations like theft, fire and water damage. There are limitations, conditions and exclusions as defined by our insurance coverage.