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All games are donated by members and directors of the collective. RPC doesn't own any pins yet but as an organization we aspire to own our own great line up. Until then we are grateful for the generous donation of games. If you have a well-functioning game or two that you would like to share please contact us.

Do you wish we had a certain pin in the line up? Let us know! We will be rotating games in order to keep the line up exciting.

Indianapolis 500 (Indy)

Iron Man (IM)

World Cup Soccer (WCS)

The Addams Family (TAF)


Black Knight

Laser cue


Flash Gordon

Fish Tales

Bad Girls

Scared Stiff (SS)

The Walking Dead

Bally Star Trek

Bram Stokers Dracula (BSD)

Ghost Busters (GB)

Dirty Harry

Doctor Who

Escape from the lost world

Bride of pinbot

Swords of Fury

Tron Legacy


Hollywood Heat