This will be an IFPA ranked tournament.

February 2018 Pintopia Tournament

Qualification period: Feb 1 - 26th.

Finals: Wednesday March 7th, 6pm check in, tournament at 6:30pm.

No Fees, No Prizes. Just Glory and WPPRs.

This tournament consists of two parts; a month long selfie qualifier and a PAPA style finals tournament. Even if you don’t want to play in the finals I would recommend playing in the selfie part of the tournament, just to see how your scores stack up. (You never know, you might be wizard)


The selfie portion of this tournament will last approximately 1 month and will be played on 8 machines. You can submit an unlimited number of scores. Please only submit scores from the qualification period (honor system).

Games in the tourney will be marked on location with a poster with instructions on where and how to post your scores. Games scores will be submitted on (exact url will be posted on games during selfie month). You will need to create an account which will be used to identify your scores. Game scores will be inputted into the website with a picture of your score(selfie). No need to include yourself in the picture as we trust you to only submit your own scores. Note that it can take up to 48 hours for your scores to be accepted by the admin. We will be using PAPA style qualifying for scoring. A player can get up to a 100 points per game depending on their standings.

1st=100 points

2nd=90 points

3rd= 85 points

4th=84 points

5th=83 points


Top 16 qualifiers will play in a PAPA style Match play tournament. Top 5 scores from selfie qualification will be used for qualification and seeding purposes. There will be no prizes or trophies. Top 3 players names will be displayed on our blackboard and on your pictures will plastered on Facebook. And then there are the WPPRs, as Scott Durfee says “they are worth their weight in gold”

PAPA style match play final will consist of playing 3 rounds. In each round competitors are placed in groups of 4 players. A bank of 9 games will chosen in a semi-random manner such that there is a balance of new and old games. In game 1 of each round, top seed in each group will get choice of game. Once a group is done with a round the top seed must immediately choose from open games and not wait for their choice of game. Top seed may choose order instead of game choice.

Each round will consist of playing 3 games and in each round only top 2 scores will continue into the next round. Scoring for each game works as follows:

1st=4 points

2nd=2 points

3rd=1 point

4th=0 points :(

Ties will be handled in a single game playoff.