Game Repair

May 29th, 2017- 6:30 pm - Basics of Electro-mechanical Pinball Repair -

Free to public. Membership not required for this event!

Join Nick Baldridge of the For Amusement Only E.M. and Bingo Pinball Podcast as he provides a beginner's class on electro-mechanical maintenance and schematic reading. No prior pinball repair experience is required, and these skills will also help with solid state pinball repair. Learn basic schematic symbols, basic troubleshooting, stepper maintenance and repair and more!

Competition skill


Inner Game of Pinball with Malik Berger

We will use ideas from sports psychology and martial arts to improve your competition game. Chicago Bulls and Phil Jackson used these ideas to dominate the game. We can use imagination and meditation to increases our chances entering a peak performance state. What I like to call "Being in the flow." This class will be an overview of practices described in the following books:

  • The Art of Mental Training by DC Gonzalez
  • The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance by George Mumford, forward by Phil Jackson.