Time trials

The Club Time Trials start in April, and finishes in September - the schedule is below.

It is completely informal, to the extent that you time yourself, and one of the riders writes your time down at the end. In order to count, you have to ride a minimum of 8 rides from a total of 16. You don't need to be a club member to ride - but you do need to join the club in order to count towards the club series (ie. to have your rides ranked).

Absolutely all abilities (and ages) are catered for. We ride up the valley from Calverts at 1830 - or meet at Fremington at around 1900. Riders set off at 30s intervals - with the slower rides going first - and ride as fast as they can back to Richmond (10 miles). If you've never done a time trial before, it's a perfect introduction. Within the series we have the occasional alternative route (see our facebook page and the ride schedule). The routes are shown here.

Please ride safely and follow the rules of the road. The road in an evening is normally fairly quiet. There is just one junction en route - which is an oblique T-junction with a good view so you rarely need to slow down - but please do take note of this and be prepared to slow/stop if necessary.

Richmond CC Time Trials 2018

If you don't want your name published on the results sheet them please email us at info@richmondcc.co.uk and we will remove it.