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About Rich

Rich Greene is a voice actor who loves to tell a story. Whether it's by playing the part of an intergalactic energy vampire or a bully-busting goldfish in podcasts and film, or creating friendly, intelligent and relatable narration for ads and explainer videos, Rich will provide the energy and professionalism needed to tell your story.

Besides being a voice actor, Rich is a rock band front man, singer, guitarist, songwriter, educator, and two-time syndicated television competition show runner-up. He loves long walks along the Erie Canal and mashed potatoes.


  • MacBook Air M1 Laptop

  • Windows Desktop PC

  • Reaper, Twisted Wave, Audacity, and Cakewalk by BandLab DAWs

  • Universal Audio Apollo Solo and PreSonus Studio 26c audio interfaces

  • TZ Audio Products Stellar X2 and GrooveTube GT55 condenser microphones

  • Professional, quiet, acoustically treated home studio

Rich Greene Tech

Rich is a member of George The Tech's (George Whittam's) team of audio technicians. Rich specializes in working with people who are just getting started in voiceover. George The Tech is one of the most respected and highly sought-after specialists in the area of voiceover recording and home studio design anywhere in the U.S.

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A Blind Play Of Social Forces (2022)

Girls Night Out (2022)

Hollow (2022)

Steel Rail Revival TV Promo (2022)

Fishbowl (2022)

  • Short Film

  • Role: Steven (the fish)

  • Directed by Julian Weber

Tales Of The Wasted West (2022)

  • Western/Fantasy/Comedy Podcast

  • Role: Zephyro

  • Directed, Produced, and Written by Mikey Lee, Alexander Wu, and Brandon Jones

Titania (2022)

  • Fantasy/Comedy Podcast on YouTube

  • Roles: Constable Riff and Farmer Blaland

  • Produced by Doggerel Pups and Sleep Tight Sweet Spaceman

  • Written, directed, and produced by Essi Ayenne

CAPS-5 Training Simulator (2021)

  • PTSD Counseling Training Program

  • Role: Robert (Starts at 4:20)

  • Produced by Alpha Omega Group and Reverge Studios

  • Client: Department of Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSD.

  • Tom Lynskey, content developer and script supervisor

Burner Face (2021)

  • Interactive Multimedia SciFi Audio Drama

  • Role: Dmitri-622 (Episode 5)

  • Produced by John du Pre Gauntt

Who Is Linda? (2021)

  • Film Short

  • Role: Eric the boss (Voiceover)

  • Watch: 09:07-10:38

  • Directed by Federico Rabinovich

Fonex Inc Introduction 2 Rich.mp4

Fonex, Inc. (2021)

  • Online Ads

  • Voiceover

Tezos Presents: What's An NFT? (2021)

  • Online Ads

  • Voiceover

  • Vimeo:

Collateral (2021)

  • Film Short

  • Role: Helicopter Pilot (Voiceover)

  • Directed by Werner Traut

Shade Force (2021)

The Kit Bull Story (2021)

We Know Now (2021)

Relying on Benjamins (2020)

Round Trip (2020)

Radio Spots Sampler

Rich writes, records and produces radio ads for Advantage Systems Creative in Rochester, NY. Here is a sampler with some of the spots he's created.

Rich Greene Commercial Demo Reel

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Fairport, New York, USA


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Rich Greene Voiceover Guy Resume

Dark Winter

by Luke Bly

Virtual Table Read

Role: Steven

Dead Men Don't Die

by Royce Proctor, Jr.

Virtual Table Read

Role: Sheriff


Time To Get Up! (Very Normal Songs, Volume 1) Extended Play