Richard Zhao

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

University of Calgary


Interested students:

I am looking for research students at the graduate and undergraduate levels to join my research group in the area of computer games and virtual reality. Knowledge of game engines (Unreal or Unity) or knowledge of reinforcement learning is a great asset. Contact me at richard.zhao1 (at) .

Research Interests

  • Computer Games, Virtual Worlds, Serious Games, Educational Games, Virtual Reality

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning

  • Social Media

Office hours

  • TBA


Research news

Student news


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Computing Science, University of Alberta.

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.), Computing Science, University of Alberta.

  • Honours Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science - AI Specialization, University of Toronto.