Richard Klopfenstein

Post-production tech manager

BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

Resume here. Portfolio below.

The Try Guys kick off their cross-country Dirty Tour trilogy in California.

  • Branded content for Amazon Prime Video's The Grand Tour Season 2.
  • Shot on 25 cameras: RED EPIC, C300 Mark 2, DJI Mavic, GoPro, iPhone
  • VFX in Element3D
  • Color grade in DaVinci Resolve

Worth It tests who can make the perfect sandwich. They visit 3 locations and try 3 different price points to determine if cost means quality.

  • Shot over 5 days in Nashville at local restaurants
  • Shot on 15 cameras: Canon C300 MKII, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon C100
  • Edit, color, and sound in Premiere

Millions of Americans came together and put Noses On for a good cause.

  • Branded content for Walgreens and Red Nose Day.
  • Stop motion capture via Dragonframe
  • Additional VFX in After Effects

BuzzFeed Sizzle 2017

  • Compilation of BuzzFeed clips and history for sales partners.

Viacom Digital Colorist Reel 2014

  • Compilation of Viacom's in-house color grades from 2014.
  • Grades done in DaVinci Resolve.

"Vandaveon" and "Mike" pitch some ideas to improve Key & Peele's "I Said Bitch" sketch.

  • Intentional VFX, GFX, and edits to parody user-uploaded video.