I am a lecturer in Value Theory at the University of Leeds.

I completed a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Reading in 2014. I was supervised by Brad Hooker and Philip Stratton-Lake.

Before coming to Leeds I was senior research fellow and director of the philosophy program at the Australian Catholic University. Before that I was a permanent lecturer at La Trobe University, a departmental lecturer in philosophy at Somerville College, University of Oxford, and a teaching fellow at the University of Warwick.

I work on ethics, metaethics, normativity, value theory, and political philosophy. Much of my work has been on the relationship between reasons and value. This work culiminated in my book, The Normative and the Evaluative: The Buck-Passing Account of Value (OUP 2019), which also discusses moral normativity and the relationship between reasons and other normative properties such as fittingness and ought. I am also co-editing a volume on Fittingness for OUP with Chris Howard.

A lot of my work also deals with the implications of moral disagreement for metaethics and moral epistemology, the relationship between practical and epistemic normativity, and the moral error theory. I recently published a guidebok on Moral Disagreement for Routledge's New Problems of Philosophy Series. I am also co-editing the Routledge Handbook of Disagreement.

Most of my current work is on Gender Identity.

Podcasts and Public Engagement

I have co-produced 2 episodes of Barry Lam's amazing podcast, Hi-Phi Nation. One with Barry, one with David Killoren.

Hi-Phi Nation is a story-driven philosophy podcast. The first episode is about Hostile Design, which is a type of urban design that attempts to exclude people from particular areas of cities. In that episode I interview Leah Borromeo who turned anti-homeless spikes into beds with Space not Spikes, Rowland Atkinson, Chair of Inclusive Societies at the University of Sheffield, and Victor Callister Deputy Director of Architecture at the Design Council in London. And Barry and I consider the relationship between hostile design and freedom.

The second episode is about animal activism and civil and uncivil disobedience. David and I interview animal activists, animal rights campaigners, and the farmers on the other side, including Chris Delforce, Lauren Gazzola, David Jochinke, Joanne Lee, Paula Hough, Jacy Reese. As well as philosophers of civil and uncivil disobedience - Kimberley Brownlee, Candice Delmas, Clare McCausland - and philosophers with views on the effectiveness of activism - Peter Singer, Brian Leiter, Tyler Paytas.

In 2018 I co-hosted episodes 7-13 of Dialogues: the Philosophy podcast. In the podcast we discuss Australaisan philosophers' current research with them and bring their research into dialogue with non-philosophers. The show also sometimes features poems and sketches (not by me, thankfully!)

A few years ago I made a very short video introducing Hedonism and Nozick's experience machine thought experiment with Wi-Phi.