Hello fellow data science enthusiast! We are Rice's premier data science student organization, providing all students with resources to develop their skills and professional network.

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What's New?

Data Science Hack-ta-noons

WHERE: Fondren 161

WHEN: *This* Sundy 3pm-5pm

WHAT: Guided machine learning hands-on session (basic to advanced) with the RDS Team!

Lunch with Tubular Labs


WHEN: 2/1 Thursday 12.15PM-12.50PM

WHAT: Meet data scientists working with industry-grade hardware and software, grab lunch and network!

Fuss-Free Deep Learning: Data Science Workshop


WHEN: 4/9/2017 1PM-2PM

WHAT: Set up neural networks for free on Floydhub, train deep learning models quickly using keras code

WHY: Floydhub is great for simple, once-off deep learning tasks. You neither need to invest money nor configure an Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud instance from scratch. Learn to tap on newest and the best in the eco-system.

Obsession with Classification: Kaggle Mid-term Review


WHEN: 3/5/2017 2PM-4PM

WHAT: Kaggle teams have been working on cracking competitive datasets available on kaggle.com for the last 5 weeks, quick progress review, halal guys shall be served

WHY: www.kaggle.com is the de facto home of data science on the web. One can find ranked competitions, awesome prizes and sample code just a few clicks away. Rice teams have been making a run at it on various live competitions, including the Data Science Bowl and YouTube Video Classifier datasets.

Data Science Seminar: Brain Waves And Revelations


WHEN: 4/13/2017 4PM-5PM

WHAT: Hear about cutting edge data-driven research in computational neuroscience, learn about machine learning methods applied to academic settings, hang out with Statistics department PhD candidate Fred Campbell

WHY: If we can observe brain waves, then we can probably learn a relationship between them and our behavior. Machine learning refers to a general class of techniques used to learn such a relationship between measurable phenomena. How far are we from predicting your words simply by looking at your brain?

Kaggle Workshop: Swaggle Sunday


WHEN: 3/5/2017 1PM-3PM

WHAT: Train simple neural networks for classification tasks, use basic computer vision techniques, no prior experience needed

WHY: Deep learning, the general field of study of neural networks, is the state-of-the-art numerical program for learning relationships between families of digital inputs and outputs. You absolutely need this in your data science repertoire.

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