Sponsored by: Richmond Hill Cross Country / Track & Field

Richmond Hill Miler Club

Audience: McAllister Elementary Students

Location: McAllister Elementary School

Dates: Nov-16, Nov-30, Dec-7, Dec-14, Dec-18, Jan-11

Time: Student Recess (9:40 AM - 12:50 AM)

About the Miler Club

A program to promote awareness for a healthy lifestyle of activity through running/jogging/walking for Richmond Hill youth that is setup and run by RHXCTF.

How it works:

Students at the gated playground can voluntarily run/jog/walk as many 1/4 mile lap loops as they want during their 30 minute recess time.

  • Students receive credit for every lap completed only when their unique barcode slap bracelet is scanned. (Bracelet provided by home room teacher)
  • Laps earned on designated Miler Club dates are combined together for a grand total per student.
  • Students earn awards for every 2 miles that they complete, which are delivered to their home room teacher.
  • Students are limited to laps earned within a single 30 minute window of time per Miler Club date.
  • Students should be wearing gym shoes.