Team History


2001-2 RHS Bike Club is Formed

- A bike-enthusiastic student approaches Patchen Homitz, teacher at TEAM and asks him to be the teacher/advisor for a bike club at RHS. The student appoints himself president of the bike club.

- Eventually, about ten students show up to (Patchen's) Room 156 once a week at lunch for a meeting. Some of the original RHS team members are there, but there are mostly kids who just want to hang out.

- There are three girls in the club.

- The club sells food at fundraisers and goes on two or three rides during the year.

- No one considers racing.

2002-3 League Champions

- Some of the same crew from the bike club show up but this year a hungry group of freshmen show up to the meetings: Rikard Grunnan, Allen Hardin, Will Reed, Noah Polsky, and David Hansen. More freshmen arrive on the scene: Brian Garwood, Adam Luxemberg, Adam Hill Hill, Dillon Meredith, Aaron Varn, Josh Berliner, and Michael Roye.

- A student teacher and expert mountain bike racer named Paul Ippolito comes to a meeting and introduces himself to Patchen and listens in. Suggests that competition may be appealing to students.

- Patchen receives a poster for the Norcal racing league calendar for the upcoming spring and tells the president of the club that he's going to suggest racing to the club. The president of the club laughs at the

suggestion and won't have anything to do with it. His bike gets stolen from school a week later (just a coincidence). He quits the bike club as do allmembers who don't want to race and it becomes a race team.

- Racing seems to appeal to the freshmen, so Paul and Patchen take several students to a Billy Cross race in Sonoma on a fall Sunday. A few weeks later Paul and Patchen team up to race the eight-hour race at Billy Cross with two teams of

student riders.

- Julia Violich becomes a ride leader for the faster riders on the team

- The RHS bike club truly changes its focus to racing and has its first official sign-up meeting in Ippolito's classroom at night. This meeting is famous for two things: Paul and Patchen demand a bike-team-only commitment. Patchen draws a line on the floor and says: "The students who can commit to two practices a week and five out of six races this season stand on one side of the line, and the students who cannot commit stand on the other side of the line." The students who get up and stand on the commitment side of the line became the overall league championship team that season.

- Paul gathers sponsors (money) and orders RHS uniforms.

- Paul helps Dan Freeman structure Drake team.

2003-4 Team Doubles in Size!

- Paul and Patchen attend league coaches conference and meet the other coaches in the league.

- Paul and Patchen create first parent/student orientation for new riders.

- The team grows to 23 students, with an addition of two girls.

- Julia Violich becomes assistant coach.

- Paul and Patchen go with league director Matt Fritzinger and Paul Roye to scout championship race location at Walker Creek Ranch in Marin County in the fall. Paul and Patchen later go out to negotiate with Walker Creek administration, scout and map the course, and later clear brush and create a safe and sane trail for all riders.

- The team begins practicing in the fall and adds one more day to their practice week. Two spin classes a week become the norm.

- RHS Associated Student Body donates money for spin bikes.

- RHS begins season by winning the most points ever in a Norcal race at TBF race in Folsom.

- Dylan Rinaldi joins the team through a team vote, but he doesn't ride officially with the team until the championship race.

- RHS ends season at Walker Creek Ranch coming in second in the league to Drake High School.

- Top RHS riders are invited to NORBA camp at UC Santa Cruz.


- RHS season officially starts after winter break.

- Team grows to 35 riders, now with nine girls.

- All 35 riders who start the season with the team finish with the team.

- Ned Overend rides with his alma mater team at Tamarancho.

- Bay Club provides luxurious spin room for entire season.

- Paul approaches Tam High teacher to help with a Tam team.

- Julia becomes integral part of racing team. Coaches are added, with parents and community members filling the roles and taking small groups of like-ability out on Sunday rides.

- League changes format to frosh, soph, JV and Varsity.

- Allen Hardin, Rikard Grunnan, Lauren Willis, and Greta Huberty are RHS varsity riders.

- Allen Hardin and Lauren Willis are team captains.

- RHS comes in second behind Nevada Union High at league championships at Granite Bay course.

- Team has awards banquet at Deer Park Villa in Fairfax.


-Redwood Wins the California State Championship title!