We are excited about the upcoming 2016 season! We’ll have several very talented assistant coaches to help during the week and with Sunday rides, but the three head coaches will be your main contacts during the season.

Although the RHS Mountain Bike Team is technically a club at Redwood, we compete at a race team level which means race team participation must be made by all riders. As with any sport, joining the team requires a level of commitment.

We are part of the NorCal High School Mountain Bike Racing League

NorCal hosts NICA-sanctioned races that provide student athletes an arena in which to set and accomplish competitive goals, do achieve their personal best. Most NICA leagues have a 4- or 5-race schedule, held in the Spring or Fall depending on the regional climate. Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation and risk management guarantee every participating student athlete is given a fun and fast environment.

NorCal is an official chapter of NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association


Our Philosophy

Mountain biking is a sport where you try to best yourself and that’s why there every one successes on the Redwood High School Mountain Biking Team. Each rider is expected to do their best but beyond that results are not important. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or fiftieth, it just matters if you gave it your best.

The team embraces all riders who are committed, work hard and are determined to improve. We believe that these characteristics as well as selflessness and a good attitude are what really matters. The team’s policies to create a team environment and culture of safety, good sportsmanship, commitment, and respect for yourself, and your teammates, coaches, parents, supporters, other teams, as well as a healthy respect for the environment.

How We Train

We train hard to race harder. We practice three times a week either on the mountain or in a spin class and riders are expected to participate. Practices can range from an hour and half to four hours. In practice, we work hard to increase mental and physical fitness, technical and tactical skills as well as prepare for actual competition. The team also meets one lunch period a week to go over race strategy, nutrition, team building, and various other topics that have to do with racing and performance.

Why Be a Part?

The Redwood High School Mountain Bike team has much to offer: as a team we learn riding skills, get in good physical shape, receive valuable coaching, explore the open space in Marin, supportively drive each other to achieve, and have fun. We’ll set individual and collective goals for the team and we work together to not only attain these goals but to develop a wider range of valuable life skills. The skills a team member gains with every season contributes to their overall development as a person, not just a cyclist.


· Maintaining a good attitude in the face of adversity

· Courage and self-confidence

· Determination and Self-discipline

· Selflessness and Teamwork


· No Reservation, No Retreat, No Regrets