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I'm not a teacher yet, so perhaps this 'Teaching' page should not be a subpage of 'Experience'. Nonetheless, I feel the need to place it here. Because I love to explain things, share knowledge, and facilitate learning (which I have found myself doing many times in the course of my work life, and most always in an ad hoc fashion), I'm making a new path that will allow me to blend teaching/training, and/or some kind of involvement in higher education, into what I already do.

To move me along this path, I applied to the Professional and Technical Writing (PTW) MA program, which includes an Online Writing Instruction Graduate Certificate, at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). I was accepted and have already completed two graduate-level courses, Composition Theory (RHET 7310) and Multimedia in Online Writing Instruction (RHET 7372). I feel these two courses have provided me with a firm footing for taking on the remainder of the graduate work I have ahead of me. Composition Theory, in particular, provided me with important underpinning knowledge to build on as I work towards this goal. During the Spring 2020 semester I'll be taking Introduction to Online Writing Instruction (RHET 7371 ), Practicum (RHET 7360), and Special Topics in Online Writing Instruction (RHET 7373). I should be receiving my Online Writing Instruction Graduate Certificate once these classes are complete.

Of course there's no way to know what I'll discover along this path or at the end of it, but I'm certainly enjoying the journey along the way.

My teaching path

In addition to my Graduate Research Assistantship at UALR, these are a few other teaching-related projects I have completed or am still working on.

Composition I

Capstone project completed in Multimedia in Online Writing Instruction. A first-year online writing instruction 4-week learning unit [Visit project...]

Basic Writing

Capstone project completed in Composition Theory. A companion website to a research paper analyzing basic writing pedagogies [Visit project...]

Teaching Philosophy

My evolving teaching philosophy. Composed in Google Docs (access permission required) [Read document...]

Academic coursework focusing on teaching

Composition Theory | Multimedia in Online Writing Instruction | Online Writing Instruction | Practicum | Special Topics in Online Writing Instruction | Foundations of eLearning | Introduction to Instructional Design.